Wanting to bring something to share on the mainland, Craig chose to focus on the ukulele before leaving Hawai’i for college. Although Craig had grown up playing the cello and piano, he wanted something that gave a little more distinction of coming from the islands.

During Christmas and summer breaks of his Freshman year at the University of Oregon, Craig has had the pleasure of studying under Jake Shimabukuro and Troy Fernandez. Ever since then Craig has been trying to further experiment with the ukulele in settings that aren’t typically associated with the instrument.

Craig collaborated with other great local musicians for his first album and is continuing that tradition with the new album by including friends familiar to the ukulele world including Aldrine Guerrero, Aaron Nakamura (both from UkuleleUnderground.com fame!), Sarah Maisel, Ryan Imamura, Kahiwa Sebire, Ryo Montgomery, and other local musicians from Eugene. He performs most often with his wife Sarah Maisel, the two of them have just released their first duo recording “Scene 1, Take 1”.

From workshops to individual lessons, Craig has been teaching throughout the past 4 years and couldn’t be happier. Craig often remarks, “If I’m not playing at any given moment, I hope to be teaching!” Playing at local venues, to the Oregon Country Fair, to ukulele festivals around the world, Craig hopes to continue to travel and share his passion for the ukulele and expand on how people view the instrument.

Visit Craig and Sarah’s website.