Born in Birmingham, Alabama, Sarah has always had a love for music. At the age of 6, she began violin lessons and played in youth orchestras for several years. Her focus was primarily classical for the 10 years she studied. During that time she also tried her hands at the piano, taking lessons for 3 years.

Sarah took a break from music in college, following her other passion, theatre. She studied at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts where she received her BFA in Costume Technology. After graduating in 2004, she moved out to San Diego, California to work for the La Jolla Playhouse and the University of California San Diego Theatre Department.

In September 2006, Sarah and a friend went to check out an ukulele group at a pizza parlor in Encinitas, CA. Little did she realize that it was going to be such a life changing event. As Sarah put it “It was so amazing to go to this place where there were at least 40 ‘ukuleles, everyone was so happy, the room was filled with such joy. I just had to be a part of it.” As serendipity would have it, Frank Leong, the group leader, was starting group ‘ukulele lessons that October 2006. Sarah signed up and has been hooked on the uke ever since.

In 2009, Sarah met Producer Tim Coffman and started recording her own albums in 2010. The first album, ‘Have Uke Will Travel’ was well received and gave Sarah her first stepping stone. Since she has recorded two others, ‘In the Moment’, released in 2011, and ‘With Love- Sarah Maisel’ released in 2012.

2013 was a big year for Sarah, as she traveled and performed at ‘Ukulele Festivals around the world. These festivals included The ‘Ukulele Festival of Great Britain, The Cairns ‘Ukulele Festival, The Hawai’i Island ‘Ukulele Retreat, and many more. Also in this year she met and began collaborating with Craig Chee. This collaboration created more travel for 2014, where they both traveled around the world touring and recording an International Limited Release album called “Say When”. Now married, Sarah and Craig have been touring in support of their 2015 recording, “Scene 1, Take 1”.

Though Sarah does enjoy traveling, there is still no place like home. When she is in San Diego, you can find her performing at local gigs and teaching from her studio. For her, the greatest joy is sharing music with her students.

Visit Sarah and Craig’s website.