Lenny San Jose, aka Ukulenny, is an ukulele performer, educator, and jam leader based in Oakland, CA. He began his ukulele career in 2009 on the Bay Area Rapid Transit, playing his uke back and forth on his daily commute. Since then has gained over 70,000 YouTube subscribers, and performed in Festivals in the Bay Area, Sonoma Wine Country, Reno, Los Angeles, and San Diego. As a sponsored Kala Ukulele Artist, he creates video content for their Learn to Play Program, and facilitates Uke Circles across America. Recent destinations include Anaheim, Dallas, Nashville, and Orlando. Teamed up with fellow YouTuber Cynthia Lin, he co-founded SF Uke Jam, a group that facilitates Ukulele Jams around the Bay with crowds ranging from 100-400 ukulele players at once!

An avid multi-instrumentalist, Ukulenny also specializes in one man band performance on Ukulele, Bass, Beatbox, and Saxophone. Ukulenny’s influences include Stevie Wonder, The Temptations, and the Beatles, but in his mind, any music sounds great on the ukulele. Make sure to check out his music at his website, and on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.