Melissa Sigh is the owner/operator of Sigh Studio of Music in Lansing, Michigan, and currently sees 150 students each week. Melissa holds a master’s degree in Music Education from Michigan State University, and has eleven years experience teaching in the public schools. She is dedicated to music education, and loves teaching students their very first note.

When Melissa learned her first three chords on the ukulele, she immediately started writing grants to acquire classroom sets of ukes for her public school students. As an experienced educator, she could tell the ukulele was uniquely suited to inspire her students. After a few months of instruction, her young elementary students were able to sing and accompany themselves on ukulele at school performances. Students were highly motivated to stay attentive during school lessons and practice at home.

When Melissa started offering ukulele instruction outside of the public schools, the demand filled her studio. Melissa has developed an “Intro to Ukulele” curriculum that is gentle and supportive and allows students to make music in their first lesson. She is sensitive to introducing new chords and songs in a way that stretches her students abilities, but keeps ukulele playing fun and accessible.

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